A Pógeball is the best there is in Pog catching equipment. It is used by all Pog hunters in the world, including the best: Bradley Davidson.


Shiny and deadly

History Edit

The Pógeball (Pronounced "P-ohg-ee-ball") was first created in 2008 by scientists at the Adelaide Advanced Experimental Labs "AAEL" with the help of Bradley Davidson, who came up with the idea in the first place.

Characteristics Edit

It is made of Titanium, cast into a ball shape whic has the ability to open and project a beam of highly concentrated light which reduces the targeted Pog to atoms and "sucks" it inside of the ball before snapping shut, trapping it inside until the button on the ball is pressed by the user.

Price and market interest Edit

Since it's first release, the Pógeball has been highly popular with Pog hunters of all kinds. It costs around $1,900 for a single one but despite the high price it has sold over one million in the state of South Australia alone, supposedly bought by the Pog himself to prevent capture.

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