An all male race, a Pog (Pronounced "Pog") is one of the most dangerous creatures in the known universe. It is a species that has been around since 25th September, 1994 after it was accidently created by mixing fire with Plutonium in a test lab in England. It has since then grown in numbers rapidly.

History Edit

In the Edinburgh Advanced Research Labs "EARL" in 1994, scientists were testing to see what would happen if fire came in contact with liquid Plutonium. The test went as planned until the reaction went out of control. The Plutonium mutated mysteriously into a humanoid shape, this was the creation of the first ever Pog.

When it fully formed, it broke out of the test chamber and killed all the scientists in the building, the resulting fire burnt all the records of the exact reaction specifications, it then got out through the front doors and started killing the citizens of Edinburgh. Police responded immediately but were easily run though by the Pog, the city was then put into lockdown, all citizens were to remain in their houses and not come out.  When the military showed up, 12 hours later they fired on it with all their weapons, to no effect. But a soldier threw a smoke grenade at it, a squad ran into the smoke but there was nothing there. When it cleared they saw there was a hole in the ground, this is the tunnel that the Pog dug to get to the other side of the world. 14 years later it burst out of the ground in Adelaide, South Australia and ran off into the suburbs of the city. The same Pog has been wandering the streets of Adelaide, as well as the other thousands of Pogs it has bred.

Appearance Edit

A typical Pog has blonde hair, white skin and a British accent. They are all around 5 feet tall and extremely dangerous depending on the Pogbatch. A very notable feature is the eyes and mouth on it's abdomen. In 2008 they started wearing human clothing to try and disguise itself from the Pog hunters

Breeding Edit

A typical Pog breeds around 10 Poglets a week. Being all male it has to make do by mating with any female humanoid, primate, ape or monkey. The Pog will then become pregnant (rather than the female). Each species it mates with creates a different batch. Each batch will have the characteristics of its mother species as well as any hereditary traits. Scientists are currently attempting to name each Pogbatch. It takes a week for the eggs to fully form inside it's body, after that it then lays the eggs inside a Pogs lair. It then takes 2 minutes for the eggs to hatch and the Poglets then live in the lair for a year until they are fully grown. They then wander off into the outside world.

Attack Edit

Pogs attack only humans. Their primary attack is a mouth on it's abdomen opens which fires a heat ray that is around 100,000,000 Degrees Kelvin. This deadly beam can incinerate literally everything. If used on a human it can reduce it to ash in milliseconds. As of yet, there is no way to stop this heat ray in any way possible.

How should you stay safe from a Pog? Edit

For a start, be very suspicious of any short, blonde, English people that are in public. If it looks like they are about to open their shirt/jacket (to unleash it's deadly attack) you should get as far away from it as possible. DO NOT try to attack one. The only way to physically wound a Pog is to get another Pog's heat ray fired onto it, so you should leave the Pog harming to the experts.

If you believe a Pog to be following you, stare it down then slowly turn your head until you face a mirror, window or other shiny/reflective surface. The Pog should become distracted by its reflection, this only works on Thursdays. On Fridays the Pog will kill people who try it.

If you are able to, distract it with any number of his favourite foods, which follow:

  • Mexicana Doritos (C)
  • Oreos (C)
  • Young children
  • Roast Chicken
  • Peking duck
  • Beer-battered fish (Preferably flathead, salmon or cod)
  • Wild Stonyers
  • Twilight fangirls

Pog hunters Edit

For more information see the main article

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