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8th June 2010 - Poglet population is estimated to be around 5 million across the planet. Watch yourselves!

8th April 2010 - Bdog makes some more edits to the Pog Wiki because he is bored. He is also the one who typed this news

9th April 2010 - Stuff happens

Picture of the month Edit

Recently taken, this photo is the closest photo of a Pog the PHG has ever seen. There are rumors that the pog in this photo is the original

Don't stare at it for too long!

Video of the month Edit

This video may have had only 117 views but it clearly shows how the Pog is slowly learning to use weapons! The video was shot by a hidden camera in the Pogs lair. The man who placed it is unknown, and such is his fate...unknown! thumb|left|300px

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