Pog hunters are all members of the Pog Hunters Guild and are the experts when it comes to Pogs, they are the only anti-Pog organisation in the world.

History Edit

After the first Pog came into Adelaide in early 2008, a young individual named Bradley Davidson saw it as a major threat after witnessing it's attack on an innocent old lady. Days later, he worked to try and create some kind of weapon to capture the Pog. His first attempts were unsuccessful but he later approached the Adelaide Advanced Experimental Labs "AAEL" and gave them the idea. They began work on it together until they reached a dead end. They had to capture a Pog for tests. Bradley called a few of his friends and they decided to try and capture it together. They found it one day, attacking a family home. They ran in with some handcuffs and managed to subdue it after intense fighting. It is a miracle that Bradley or his friends were killed. When they brought it back to the lab, they felt good about capturing such a powerful being. So they decided to start a small group called "The anti-Pog society" They managed to recruit several members until they discovered that the Pog population was growing, fast. They then decided to create a guild and went public. Bradley Davidson then made himself chairman of the guild.

Appearance and equipment Edit

Pog hunters are normally armed with Pógeballs, smoke grenades, flash grenades and a machete. They all wear normal clothing but they always have their utility belt on them.  This is what holds their equipment. The buckle on the belt is made into the shape of the Pog hunting guild logo and is crafted from pure Platinum.

Headquarters Edit

Vip bunker 01

The bunker

The Pog hunters use an old, disused military bunker up in the Adelaide hills as their base of operations (known as "The Bunker"). It was first taken over in 2008 not long after the Pog Hunters Guild was first established. The bunker has since been renovated and now features a command centre, a briefing room, an armoury, a training room, a target practice room, quarters for the hunters and a cafeteria. The outside of the bunker looks abandoned which fools the Pogs and citizens into thinking that it is uninhabited. No Pog has ever infiltrated the bunker

Vehicles Edit

The Pog hunters use mainly Black Jeep Cherokees to get around quickly, although the ones they use have modified engines, bulletproof tyres and bulletproof windows. They also use Pavelows (formerly used by the U.S. Military) which are armed with machine guns and are mainly used for hunter deployment. Both these vehicles, however are vulnerable to a Pogs heat ray and just like its human targets, can be taken down very easily. 

Known hunters Edit

Bradley Davidson - Active

Ryan Carbone - Active

Jordan Tucker - Active

Jack Nilhus - Active

Harry Cortez - Active

Luke White - Active

Janus Wolfer - Active

Sam Hartlaz - ***DATA CORRUPTED***

Henry Davidson - Under Severe Threat

Nicola Carbone - ***DATA CORRUPTED***

Jess Brooks - Active

Scott Jensen - Active

Peter Harper - Active

Chris Swan - Active

Sam Karlos - Active

Aaron Brown - Active

Gerald Angel - Active

Andy Jameson - Active

Josh Denton - Active

Josh Wescott - Active

Michael Wescott - Active

Tyler Stevenson - MIA

Richard Neeson - MIA

Mitchell Hooker - KIA

Tim Redding - KIA

Lucas Raven - KIA

Zoe MacDonald - KIA

Carl Shepherd - KIA

Matthew Keen - KIA

Yuri Kon - KIA

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