A Pogbatch is the collective name for a group of Poglets that all came from the same mother during the same mating session. Please see the main Pog page for more information on breeding, below we list all currently known Pog batches in Chronological order of discovery.

Pogbatch X Edit

Mother: Human

The first discovered Pogbatch. Scientists captured 3 of these Poglets and were performing experiments on them. However the other 7 accompanied by the Pog tore the laboratory apart

Pogbatch Y Edit

Mother: Unknown, presumed Spider Monkey

This smaller, hairy batch of Pogs are easily identified by their tails.

Pogbatch Z Edit

Mother: Orangutan

These large lazy Poglets were discovered living in the Adelaide Sewer system. They calmly watched sanitation workers go past, they only responded when scientists tried to trap them. The majority got away (Between 5-8, the result is unknown) but the rest screeched and howled and then exploded. 3 scientists were killed.

Pogbatch Alpha Edit

Mother: Unknown, presumed Extra Terrestrial

These are tall, unlike most Poglets, and believed to have links with other worlds. They walk around streets dressed like members of a gang and arm themselves with crowbars, lead pipes and other similar items. They bear these weapons publicly and openly. The few brave/foolish men who have challenged this gang have all met untimely ends.

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