This article contains the timeline of all Pog-related incidents

Timeline Edit

1993, 27th July - Bradley Davidson, later to be leader of the Pog Hunters Guild is born.

1993, 23rd October - Ryan Carbone, later to be the second in command of the Pog Hunter Guild is born.

1994, 23rd September - Scientists at the Edinburgh Advanced Research Labs "EARL" ask the Government for permission to carry out an undone test: lighting liquid Plutonium on fire.

1994, 24th September - The scientists are permitted to carry out the test the next day.

1994, 25th September, 1:30PM - The test it carried out. The results cause the creation of the first ever Pog. It breaks free and kills all personnel before escaping the facility.

1994, 25th September, 1:33PM - The escaped Pog starts killing civilians, the police respond but are easily killed by the Pog. The city is put into lockdown.

1994, 26th September, 1:33AM - The military are called in but the Pog tunnels underground under cover of a smoke grenade, it digs through the Earth and disappears.

2008, February 14th, 9:04PM - The escaped Pog appears in Adelaide after tunneling through the Earth.

2008, February 14th, 9:07PM Bradley Davidson witnesses the Pog killing an elderly citizen. He decides to try and create a device that will capture it.

2008, February 19th - Bradley Davidson fails at creating a device to capture a Pog for the 2nd time. He approaches the Adelaide Advanced Experimental Labs "AAEL" and gives them the idea. They agree.

2008, March 21st - The AAEL reaches a dead end. They require a Pog for a test subject for further development in the device.

2008, March 22nd - Bradley Davidson rounds up a small gang to help with the capture of a live Pog. They agree and meet up later that day, they find one attacking a family home and capture it by putting handcuffs on it. They all survive and bring it back to the AAEL an hour later.

2008, March 23rd - Bradley Davidson and his friends decide to form "The Anti-Pog Society"

2008, March 24th - The Anti-Pog Society recruit some new members for the first time.

2008, April 6th - The AAEL finish tests and successfully develop the device they name "Pógeball". They inform The Anti-Pog Society but they tell the scientists to sell it to them only. 

2008, April 29th - First Poglet sighted but believed to be a hoax until:

2008, August 1st - The Anti-Pog Society discovers a Pog lair and finds eggs. They then learn that they are able to breed and decide to form a Guild.

2008, August 2nd - The Pog Hunters Guild is officially established, Bradley Davidson makes himself chairman of the Guild and they go public. They tell the AAEL to go public with the Pógeballs and put them on the market.

2008, August 4th - First recorded death from Poglet[s]

2008, August 5th - The Pog Hunters Guild discovers an old military bunker and make it their base of operations.

2010, April 8th - Pog population is presumed to be around 500,000 in South Australia

2010, June 8th - Global Pog population is estimated to be 5 million

2011, June 23rd - The entire world is suddenly engulfed in Pog attacks, millions of people are killed worldwide.

2011, June 24th - All major countries on Earth unite (Later known as the UC) and declare war on all Pogs. Since this takes place around the world, the war is officially named "World War III"

2011, June 26th - The war begins, the first soldiers are deployed into Johannasburg, South Africa where the death toll is highest.

2011, June 30th - The Pog hunters plead to the UC to stop the war and let them handle the Pogs. This offer is quickly rejected and the war rages on.

2011, July 14th - The death tally of military personell is counted for the first time since the start of the war. 100,000 are killed and roughly 4000 pogs are reported dead.

2011, July 29th - The gereral public of the world goes into mass panic when the tally is leaked thanks to a computer error.

2011, August 12th - The entire world is engulfed in chaos. World War III is still happening, all major roads in all countries are in gridlock and the military are losing many more troops than pogs are losing pogs.

2011, August 15th - The Pog hunting guild has not been heard from for some time...

2011, November 2nd - Human population is declared to be around one million. Entire cities have been razed because of WWIII, the UC has been disbanded sue to lack of resources and personell.

2011, November 10th - The last remaining leaders of the former UC band together and try to have peace talks with the Pog leader.

2011, November 14th - The leaders go to Adelaide (now declared "The Pog capital of the world") to have the talk. Suprisingly, they are not attacked, almost as if the Pogs understand.

2011, November 15th - The leaders are not heard from after they were allowed to meet with the Pogs.

2011, December 1st - World population is estimated to be around 300,000. This is known as "The great loss"

2011, December 30th - The PHG is seen fighting and capturing Pogs once again. Many survivors are stunned by their sudden reappearance.

2011, December 31st - Bradley Davidson makes a speech to all survivors across the world via radio that raises morale to great heights.

2012, September 9th - World population confirmed to be 100,000

2012, September 20th - PHG members are almost 100,000. Many people still prefer to go alone rather than join up.

2012, November 1st - Contact with the last known non-PHG member is lost. PHG members are now the last humans alive.

2012, November 2nd - PHG have captured so many Pogs that they have to empty most of their full Pógeballs into a massive acid tub to make more room.

2012, December 19th - Pog population is reduced to same number of humans worldwide.

2012, December 20th - The PHG are now winning WWIII. But then the Pog leader suddenly captures Bradley Davidson.

2012, December 21st - 12:45PM - The PHG launch a full-scale atack against Adelaide to rescue Bradley Davidson. They cut through the Pog defences and manage to rescue leader.

2012 December 21st - 3:00PM - A bright light is seen in the sky. The light is bigger than the sun.

2012 December 21st - 3:46PM - The Pog leader rides an asteroid into Earth

2017 April 2nd - Matt Stonyer finally gets his CHHIIICKKKEEEEEENNNN!


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